Tulikivi Soapstone Heaters

Tulikivi masonry heaters offer an elegant solution to efficient wood-fired heating for your home.  Crafted from the finest soapstone with meticulous attention to detail, Tulikivi masonry heaters burn wood quickly and cleanly at very high temperatures, then store this energy for slow release as gentle, radiant heat.  Soapstone is durable, heat-resistant, non-porous, and extremely dense.  Its density and thermal conductivity allow you to make fires at a convenient time, yet continue heating while you are asleep or away, without a fire burning.




Wood is burned cleanly and efficiently thanks to patented Whirlbox technology in the firebox.  The firebox creates the conditions necessary for clean combustion by optimizing the amount of oxygen entering the fire, by maintaining high temperatures, and by giving wood gases the time necessary to combust.  This vigorous combustion produces an extraordinary amount of heat, but instead of venting hot gases directly to the chimney, the channels within the stove act as a heat exchanger, allow the heat to be stored for slow release through the dense soapstone.

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We can work with you to create the Tulikivi soapstone heater that suits your space and your needs.  Within the two main style groups, “Classic” and “Modern,” dozens of distinct models can be purchased “as-is,” or modified to your liking.  Available options include benches that let you cozy up to the heater, incorporated ovens for baking, as well as a variety of aesthetic options such as mantels, accents, and different textural finishes.  In addition, Tulikivi offers a custom design service that will help you create the soapstone heater of your dreams.

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Planning Guide and Installation Requirements for Tulikivi soapstone heaters


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