High Mass Mobile Bread Oven

High Mass Mobile Bread Oven

This mobile brick bread oven was built for Meadow Bread, a family run bakery in Virginia.  Their business model revolves around farmers markets and they wanted the ability to bake on-site at markets.  Many of our mobile oven clients are bread bakers in a start-up phase of business and the mobile bread oven provides flexibility at a time when the bakers may not be in a permanent location.  They also provide insurance in that the ovens can be easily re-sold and moved to different locations.

This commercial bread oven has a usable hearth size of 4ft by 6ft, but because the client wanted to do heavy production baking, we increased the mass to allow for more bakes per firing.  This wood-fired brick oven has 4.5″ mass in the walls, but 6″ in the vault, and 7.5″ of mass in the hearth.  It has a peak vault height of approx 15″, and 6 to 12 inches of insulation all around the oven.

This wood-fired bread oven sits on a 6×10 trailer with dual torsion axles with a custom built heavy duty steel harness welded to the trailer.  The oven has 4 leveling jacks.

The sides of the oven are finished with painted aluminum sheeting and steel.  

This brick oven has a very special custom door system which includes two separate and interchangeable doors.  The first door is made for the bake, and is a counterweighted door than can be pushed open with the baker’s peel and then close automatically after the bread is loaded.  It allows for efficient baking movements while retaining steam and heat in the oven.

The second door is an insulated plug to maintain the oven’s heat overnight and during firing, and it has an adjustable air intake to allow the baker to fine tune the oxygen feeding the fire at different stages of the firing, to ensure efficient firing.

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