36" Brick Oven Core

36″ Brick Oven Core

36″ Inside Diameter brick oven core built for a residential client.  The oven was built in our shop on a steel base and transported via truck to the client’s home.  The client had local contractors complete the foundation work, base, insulation, and facade.  Oven cores can be built efficiently in our shop and shipped anywhere, while the base and facade work can be completed more efficiently and economically by local contractors or homeowners.

This brick pizza oven is one of our Pro Dome precision oven cores, built by hand with high quality fire brick.  The materials and construction of this oven make it suitable for professional use or residential use. Each brick is cut at compound angles to ensure an extremely tight fit and very small mortar joints.  Small mortar joints are important for long term durability and reduce the likelihood of future degradation resulting in chunks of mortar falling on food.  The oven sits on top of high quality calcium silicate insulation which helps keep heat in the hearth.

This brick dome has a thickness of 4.5″ which results in a very sturdy dome that has a versatile level of mass…good for live-fire high-temp pizza cooking as well as retained heat, lower temp bread baking.  The oven can be used for live-fire roasting, slow cooking, flame cooking, etc.

We can also build these ovens with a 2.25″ thickness which will result in a faster heat up time for more casual residential cooking.

The brick oven is harnessed to the metal base to allow for safe transport and the harness gets hidden by insulation.  We can also provide this size oven as a turn-key project, complete with insulation and facade.


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Hand-built for durability, efficiency and beauty, our brick ovens are customized to your cooking needs and aesthetic preferences.


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