Small Mobile Pizza Oven

Small Mobile Pizza Oven

This is a 36″ diameter oven on a custom trailer.  The oven is a hand-built brick core with a thickness of 2 1/4″.  This thin shell, coupled with heavy insulation and multiple foil air barriers, results in very fast heat up times (45 minutes from cold to 900 F in the dome), easy recharges, and great heat retention.  The oven is heavily harnessed to the trailer deck and enclosed in a combination of painted steel, copper, and steel with a rust patina on the roof.  The oven includes a stainless steel insulated door that can be latched for transport.

The small size of this mobile oven makes it very versatile for placement at events.  As well as being suitable for light commercial use, this oven would be a great option for a homeowner who doesn’t want to do site work or build a roof for a permanent oven.  The oven can be easily moved on flat ground with 2 people.

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