Simple Church Mobile Bread Oven

Simple Church Mobile Bread Oven

This mobile bread oven was built for Simple Church, a dinner church based in Grafton, MA, for their budding bakery operation, which sells artisan bread at local markets in order to fund their operations.

This commercial bread oven has a usable hearth size of 4ft by 6ft, 4.5″ mass in the walls and vault, 5″ of mass in the hearth, a peak vault height of 14″, and 8 to 12 inches of insulation all around the oven.

The oven has no reduction arch, as they seem to me an unnecessary complication and with such low vaults, the reduction arch gets very low and flat, problematic for a mobile application.  The gases exit under a straight jack arch and enter the throat, which is a combination of brick and cast elements.  The client reports no problems with oven draft.

This wood-fired bread oven sits on a 6×10 trailer with dual torsion axles with a custom built heavy duty steel harness welded to the trailer.  The oven has 4 leveling jacks.

The sides of the oven are finished with Vermont cedar.  The oven is enclosed and weather-sealed independently of the cedar siding, and the siding is separated by a vented airspace.

Hinged and insulated stainless steel doors open to a 27″ door opening.

Thanks to our friend Jem at Boreal Heat for technical advice and Carsten at Homestead Heat for lending his hands on the core build.  I sourced Austrian hearth tiles through Stovemaster. I also feel grateful for the work done by Turtlerock Masonry Heat to pave the way for modern bread oven construction.


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