Grass Hill Multi-Purpose Oven

Grass Hill Multi-Purpose Oven

This is a wood-fired baking oven with a 2ft by 3ft hearth size, designed and built in collaboration with Homestead Heat and Boreal Heat.  The oven sits on the back porch, just steps from the kitchen for easy access during cooking time.  A combination of space considerations and aesthetic vision led to the decision to build the oven right onto exposed bedrock.

We used local Ashfield and Skyline stones to create a level foundation off of the uneven ledge stone. The stones were mortared with the joints recessed and tightly fit to create a dry-stack look.  A reinforced concrete pad was then poured upon which the oven would be built.

The core is a rectangular shape with a vaulted roof.  It has 4.5” thick walls that will hold enough heat for longer-baking items such as roasts and breads, but is great for high-temp, live-fire pizza baking as well.

The oven was heavily insulated and then finished in a combination of brick, stone, timber, and plaster. The incorporated roof features locally sawn White Oak and true timber frame joinery.


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Hand-built for durability, efficiency and beauty, our brick ovens are customized to your cooking needs and aesthetic preferences.


Old-world technology and modern design combine to create a wood-fired heat source you can really cozy up to.


Locally sourced, locally milled timbers are used to create an architectural statement that embodies strength and elegance.