Bakewell Mobile Oven

Bakewell Mobile Oven

This custom mobile wood-fired oven was built for a non-profit organization, Bakewell Farm, dedicated to baking education and community service.  The oven has a hearth size of 3ft by 5ft and sits on a custom trailer with tandem torsion axles.  The oven has 4.5” thick walls/vault and a 5” thick hearth, all surrounded by heavy duty insulation and radiant barriers.  The custom finish features a standing-seam copper face, Vermont cedar siding, and a sturdy steel roof.  The stainless steel baking doors are insulated and sit on removable hinges.  An insulated, stainless steel firing door can be put on during firing to reduce air intake and increase firing efficiency.


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Hand-built for durability, efficiency and beauty, our brick ovens are customized to your cooking needs and aesthetic preferences.


Old-world technology and modern design combine to create a wood-fired heat source you can really cozy up to.


Locally sourced, locally milled timbers are used to create an architectural statement that embodies strength and elegance.