Precision-built Brick Oven

This is a precision-built handcrafted brick oven for baking pizza, bread and anything else you can think of.  Model pictured is 30″ internal diameter but can be built in 36″, 48″ and 60″ diameters. construction of commercial grade high-quality firebricks and commercial grade refractory mortar.

Precision brick cutting and laying means there are minimal mortar joints in this oven which makes it extremely durable relative to kit ovens assembled out of a small number of large casted pieces, and much more attractive and durable than brick ovens that depend on large, wedge-shaped mortar joints to form a hemisphere out of rectangular units.

All of our precision-built ovens include:

hand-built dome of high quality firebricks in either 2 1/8″ thickness or 4 1/2″ thickness depending on baking needs.

commercial grade fireproof ceramic wool insulation for high efficiency wood burning.

hearth of high quality firebricks, isolated from walls so it can expand and contract independently and easy replacement of bricks if necessary.

Under hearth insulation of high quality structural insulation to keep heat in the oven.

The dome is finished with stucco to your color preference, and the front is finished with a stainless steel face/chimney connector.


(pictured is the oven “core” before finish plaster and stainless steel face are applied. the chimney pipe pictured is temporarily attached for curing fires and is not included)

Testing of our residential sized home oven (30″ diamter) has shown that 12lbs of firewood (an easy armful of cordwood) can get you to temps suitable for true neapolitan thin crust pizza (800 F + on the dome and 900 F on hearth according to EU standards) within 45 minutes!



pictures of the construction process: