Mountain Fiesta 36″ Pizza Oven

For a wedding venue outside Asheville, NC we built a 36″ (inside diameter) true brick pizza oven.  The oven was built with a thickness of 2 1/4″ in the dome for fast heat up as the oven was planned for periodic rather than constant use and would be used primarily for pizza (live-fire, high-temp baking).  The thin shell was wrapped in several layers of high performance ceramic blanket insulation and sealed with an additional layer of vermiculite-cement for a tight, heat-retaining envelope.

Building a true-brick oven without forms involves precise cutting and laying techniques.  An oven built with many bricks, tightly laid together with minimal mortar, is well-suited to take the stresses of expansion and contraction that wood-fired ovens endure.  I feel that ovens built with care and craft, brick by brick, are more attractive, more durable, and more soulful than the majority of today’s kit ovens, which are assembled from a few large pieces that have been cast in a shop.

Process photos follow below: