Tiny Masonry Heater at the Yurt

I built this simple little russian heating stove in less than a day.  I had moved my iron woodstove into the new sauna and needed something for the yurt so I decided to work with what I had at hand.  I used some red bricks I had been recycling through various projects and a clay-sand mortar.  I also built it without a trowel–just hands!  The heat snakes upward through a series of horizontal channels that run front to back.  We used it without a door, just regulating the air with a couple of bricks.  Ultimately it was not suited to the space so we took it apart and went back to metal…without insulation, this space needs quick, intense heat and this little heater, while comfortable to lean against once charged up, just could not compete with the cold coming in through walls and floor.  These heaters have become quite popular in Argentina for their ease of construction and work well in small, insulated homes.