Backyard Brick Oven


wood-fired brick oven on portable base

This is a true hand-built brick oven for wood-fired baking and cooking.  The oven was designed with casual home baking in mind and as such combines great insulation with relatively low mass for quicker heat up times. The oven can be brought to temperature within an hour for pizza baking.  The oven can also be used for roasting, grilling, drying…even smoking!  Hearth measures 30″ inside diameter.


The hearth is built with high-quality firebricks sitting on top of 3″ inches of structural insulation board.  The oven dome is made of a 3″ thick layer of bricks and well insulated with 3″ of rock wool. The interplay of mass and insulation gives this oven great characteristics for the home baking enthusiast.  You have relatively quick heat up times but enough mass to do retained heat baking (say, breads or roasts) for hours.

The insulation layer is further encased in a lightweight concrete/vermiculite shell that provides durability and additional insulation.  The oven dome is coated with an acrylic based weather resistant finish.


The front of the oven features a custom made stainless steel vent and ceramic tiles for an easy to clean, modern-looking aesthetic.


Oven can be built with or without a portable base.IMG_4805